How to write a missionary prayer letter

The apostle Paul is front and center. From all we know of him, he was an intense and supremely motivated man, both before and after his conversion on the way to Damascus Acts 9.

How to write a missionary prayer letter

Christian missions history time line -- key people, events, locations and movements

The Letters are not in their normal New Testament Order, but in the date order generally agreed by most scholars. All Church members except the apostles were scattered over the countryside of Judea [2] and Samaria [3].

While reverent men buried Stephen and mourned deeply over him, Saul later the apostle Paul harassed the Church bitterly. Those who were dispersed by this action went throughout the country, preaching the good news of the message as they went.

Divine Word Missionaries

Philip the "deacon" and Evangelistfor instance, went down to the city of Samaria [4] and preached Christ to the people there. Philip continues preaching in Samaria; the Apostles Peter and John join him there before returning to Jerusalem; Philip is then directed to another task But an angel of the Lord said to Philip, "Get up and go south down the road which runs from Jerusalem to Gaza [5], out in the desert.

At this very moment an Ethiopian eunuch, a minister and in fact the treasurer to Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, was on his way home after coming to Jerusalem to worship. He was sitting in his carriage reading the prophet Isaiah. Philip explains a prophecy of Isaiah, preaches the Gospel of Jesus to him, and at the eunuch's request baptises him When they came up out of the water the Spirit of the Lord took Philip away suddenly and the eunuch saw no more of him, but proceeded on his journey with a heart full of joy.

Philip found himself at Azotus [6] and as he passed through the countryside he went on telling the good news in all the cities until he came to Caesarea [7] where we meet him 25 years later during a visit by Paul.

Damascus - Capital of modern Syria.

How to Write a Prayer Letter to God: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

One of the city-states of The Decapolis, and a great centre of trade. A Greek-speaking, Roman province in south-eastern Asia Minor, an important city and major centre of learning. Tarsus was on the highway linking Syrian Antioch and the rest of the Middle East, with the provinces of Galatia and Asia to the west.

On the road to Damascus Jesus appears in a vision to Saul who is blinded, and directs him to continue his journey to Damascus where he is healed and baptised.

According to Paul's own account in his Letter to the Galatians 1: But they were all afraid of him, finding it impossible to believe that he was a disciple.

how to write a missionary prayer letter

Barnabas, however, took him by the hand and introduced him to the apostles, and explained to them how he had seen the Lord on his journey, and how the Lord had spoken to him. He further explained how Saul had spoken in Damascus with the utmost boldness in the name of Jesus.


After that Saul joined with them in all their activities in Jerusalem, preaching fearlessly in the name of the Lord. He used to talk and argue with the Greek-speaking Jews, but they made several attempts on his life.

When the brothers realised this they took him down to Caesarea [7] and sent him off to Tarsus [8] Now it happened that Peter, in the course of travelling from Jerusalem [4] about among them all, came to God's people living at Lydda [5]. There he found a man called Aeneas who had been bed-ridden for eight years through paralysis.

how to write a missionary prayer letter

Peter said to him "Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you! Get up and make your bed.Letter-Writing Tips Writing efficient, effective prayer letters is a skill that you can develop over time. Like any skill, it requires time and practice, but if you work on it a little each month, you'll see quick and noticeable improvements in your ability to .

including the New Testament Letters: The Letters are not in their normal New Testament Order, but in the date order generally agreed by most scholars. Newly called missionaries attend a short training period at one of 15 church Missionary Training Centers (MTCs) worldwide.

It is not true, just a myth

The largest MTC is located in Provo, Utah, adjacent to Brigham Young vetconnexx.comnaries who will not be learning a language in order to serve their missions spend three weeks at an MTC where they practice using proselytizing materials, learn expected conduct, and.

A time line of key people, events and movements in world missions or Christian mission history. There are many reasons you may write your prayer letter each month (or week, or quarter).

Here are some common motivations that I’ve read or heard from my missionary friends and family: Fear. "Paul the Missionary is a joy: rigorous in its scholarship, clearly written, and relevant. It is a welcome antidote, first to those studies of Paul that focus exclusively on his theology while totally ignoring the fact that he was a missionary and, second, to all missiological methodology that is rooted in pragmatics rather than in theology and Scripture.

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