Ibn battuta in china essay

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Ibn battuta in china essay

He asked the sultan if he could make another hajj. But his request was denied. Given the opportunity to escape from Delhi and the sultan and visit new lands, he readily accepted.

Ibn Battuta was given the duty of accompanying 15 Chinese messengers back to their homeland and carrying shiploads of gifts to the emperor. Now, not only was he was given an opportunity to get away from Muhammad Tughluq, but he was allowed to do so and visit new lands in grand style.

Passing through Cental India and Malwa he took ship from Kambay for Goa, and after visiting many thriving ports along the Malabar coast he reached the Maldive Islands, from which he crossed to Ceylon. Continuing his journey, he landed on the Ma'bar Coromandal coast and once more returning to the Maldives he finally set sail for Bengal and visited Kamrup, Sylhet and Sonargaon near Dhaka.

Sailing along the Arakan coast he came to Sumatra and later landed at Canton via Malaya and Cambodia. In China he travelled northward to Peking through Hangchow. Chughtai, Silk Road Foundation silk-road.

Also it is seen that though the Christian traders were subject to certain restrictions, most of the economic negotiations were transacted on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Good Websites and Sources on the Silk Road: Silk Road Seattle washington. University of California Press, You can help this site a little by ordering your Amazon books through this link: John Murray, are part of the public domain and can be read online at Project Gutenberg.

The original series was shown in s. Separated from his companions, he was robbed and nearly lost his life. Despite this setback, within ten days he had caught up with his group and continued on to Khambhat in the Indian state of Gujarat. From there, they sailed to Kozhikode Calicutwhere Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama would land two centuries later.

While Ibn Battuta visited a mosque on shore, a storm arose and one of the ships of his expedition sank. The other ship then sailed without him only to be seized by a local Sumatran king a few months later.

This area is today known as Hosapattana and lies in the Honavar administrative district of Uttara Kannada. Following the overthrow of the sultanate, Ibn Battuta had no choice but to leave India.

Ibn battuta in china essay

Although determined to continue his journey to China, he first took a detour to visit the Maldive Islands. As a Chief Qadi, his skills were highly desirable in the formerly Buddhist nation that had recently converted to Islam. Half-kidnapped into staying, he became chief judge and married into the royal family of Omar I.

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He became embroiled in local politics and left when his strict judgments in the laissez-faire island kingdom began to chafe with its rulers. In the Rihla he mentions his dismay at the local women going about with no clothing above the waist, and the locals taking no notice when he complained.

Stranded on shore, he worked his way back to Madurai kingdom in India.Muhammad ibn Battuta (ca. ) was a Moorish traveler whose extensive voyages as far as Sumatra and China, southern Russia, the Maldives, the East African coast, and Timbuktu made him one of .

Ibn Battuta (–) was a scholar, theologian, adventurer, and traveler who, like Marco Polo fifty years earlier, wandered the world and wrote about it.

Battuta sailed, rode camels and horses, and walked his way to 44 different modern countries, traveling an estimated 75, miles during a Battuta was born Muslim into the Islamic faith in the Moroccan city of Tangier in 1 Battuta’s faith and the five pillars of Islam (Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Zakat (charity) and Pilgrimage to Mecca) shaped his journeys and his experiences thereof.

Ibn battuta in china essay

Essay about Ibn Battuta's Journey to West Africa Words | 6 Pages Ibn Battuta’s journey to West Africa provides a contrast of two worlds: Battuta’s pre-modern Islamic culture conflicting with African societies’ interpretation of Muslim beliefs and tribal traditions.

Personality Analysis of Ibn Battuta Write a paper on Ibn Battuta of Morocco which was mostly known for traveling and documenting what he saw. The paper should include questions of what was his innermost desire to leave his parents and homeland to pursue his wanderlust.

Ibn Battuta may be one of the most unmarked travels of his clip. It is said that he traveled over stat mis in his life clip.

He was a really good educated Muslim and bookman.

MONGOLS CHINA AND THE SILK ROAD : Ibn Battuta's Travels, new exhibition in the Hermitage