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Preservation Centre, du Carrefour Boulevard, Gatineau The building at Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa is the main physical location where the public may access the collection in person. The building was officially opened on June 20, It is a unique building containing 48 climate-controlled preservation vaults and state-of-the-art preservation laboratories. The state-of-the-art facility, which was officially opened on June 21,[45] is an eco-designed building featuring an environmentally friendly roof that provides better insulation and minimizes energy expenditures.

Library and archives canada theses portal

Multilingual Interface India is a multilingual, multicultural, secular and democratic country. India has about 18 official languages and 10 scripts. Medium of instruction for higher education is English but lot of gray literature is available in native language.

An effort is made here to create user interface for Greenstone Digital Library Software in Indian national language, Hindi and four South Indian languages: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

A few sample collections are also built for all the five languages. This digital library provides access, reading and download of information about projects managed and promoted by FIA, and also includes access to photographs and videos that illustrate the projects. This digital library collects, records, distributes and preserves the academic and scientific production of the Foundation.

Biblioteca Digital Gerencia Social This first digital library on public administration in Venezuela was created in September It includes documents on how to strengthen i the development of the national public administration, ii training and research on public policies and social political science, and iii the processes of organisation and social participation in the building of grass-roots power.

This application was developed by Prodigio Consultore. Este servicio fue desarrollado por Prodigio Consultores.The British Library home page, For research, inspiration and enjoyment.

Library and archives canada theses portal

Search AMICUS, Canada's national online catalogue, for bibliographic records of all theses in Library and Archives Canada's theses collection, which was established in ; Access and search the full text electronic versions of numerous Canadian theses and dissertations;.

Phd Thesis Database Canada The mission of is to acquire and preserve a comprehensive collection of Canadian theses at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), to provide access to this valuable research within Canada and throughout the world.

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Theses Canada, launched in at the request of the deans of Canadian graduate schools, is a collaborative program between Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and nearly 70 universities accredited by Universities Canada.

It strives to. A-Z Index of U.S.

Library and archives canada theses portal

Government Agencies is an index of departments, agencies, bureaus, committees, offices, and the three branches of U.S.

government: legislative, judicial, and executive.: ABI Inform Collection features over 4, journals, forming a business database package that offers more than 2, full-text titles covering business and economic conditions, corporate strategies, management.

ABI/Inform Collection. One source covers three ABI/Inform databases indexing thousands of local, regional and global business publications, and provides market, industry and company information.

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