The life and lovable character of charlie chaplin

A top-notch athlete, he began his career as a stuntman and extra, taking acting lessons from the great Richard Boone, where one of his classmates was pal Ted Markland. Jerry is so versatile that he has either done stunts, acted, or directed in more than films, and he has worked with another long-time friend Bob Hoy on many occasions. Jerry was in the first episode of Gunsmoke and 21 years later, he was in the last one. He worked all the major television westerns, and this included being the stunt double for star Chris Jones in the Legend of Jesse James.

The life and lovable character of charlie chaplin

Comments Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and widely loved silent movie stars. He was best known for his character, the naive and lovable Little Tramp. The Little Tramp, a well meaning man in a raggedy suit with cane, always found himself wobbling into awkward situations and miraculously wobbling away.

More than any other figure, it is this kind-hearted character that we associate with the time before the talkies.

Born in London inChaplin first visited America with a theater company in On his second tour, he met Mack Sennett and was signed to Keystone Studios to act in films. These early silent shorts allowed very little time for anything but physical comedy, and Chaplin was a master at it.

While Harold Lloyd played the daredevil, hanging from clocks, and Buster Keaton maneuvered through surreal and complex situations, Chaplin concerned himself with improvisation.

For Chaplin, the best way to locate the humor or pathos of a situation was to create an environment and walk around it until something natural happened. Chaplin was known as one of the most demanding men in Hollywood. Regardless of the size the part, Chaplin walked each actor through every scene.

Chaplin knew that a successful scene was not simply about the star, but about everyone on the screen. He demanded that the entire cast work together in every performance.

Without this unity he could not express the subtlety of character that was so important to him.

The life and lovable character of charlie chaplin

The only way to achieve that unity was to maintain complete control over every scene. This constant attention to detail ran many features over-time and over-budget, but the public reaction assured him and the studios that what he was doing worked.

- The Washington Post

As his popularity increased he took more liberties with filming. Chaplin typically improvised his story in front of the camera with only a basic framework of a script. He shot and printed hundreds of takes when making a movie, each one a little experimental variation.

While this method was unorthodox, because of the expense and inefficiency, it provided lively and spontaneous footage. Taking what he learned from the footage, Chaplin would often completely reorganize a scene.

Many actors found the constant takes and uncertainty grueling, but always went along because they knew they were working for a master.

Though Chaplin is of the silent movie era, we see his achievements carried through in the films of today.A “fascinating” psychological portrait of Charlie Chaplin and the painful childhood that shaped his comedic masterpieces (Booklist).After nearly a century, Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” is still one of the most identifiable figures in the history of vetconnexx.coms: IGN counts down the best horror movies of all time!

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The life and lovable character of charlie chaplin

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